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151 Days
Chicken Soup House


Raised primarily in France, the Bresse (pronounced "bress") chicken is a highly prized, rare, and revered bird. Its genetic lineage allows them to metabolize its food in a particular way which helps to create a luxurious flavor through its meat, fat, and growth pattern.

Our chicken, hand-raised in Arlington, Washington is termed Arlington Bresse chicken. They are beautiful birds, typically with white feathers, though their plume may sometimes be blue, splash, grey, or black in color. Another differentiating characteristic is their blue-feet, which indicates they are the most nutritious chickens on the market.

Due to rainy weather conditions in Washington, it's almost impossible to raise poultry naturally on the hayfield. We were facing great difficulties in the first year. Likely, we were able to reach local Amish in Missouri who agreed to hand-raise our Bresse Chicken for us!

There, they are free-range and raised in ideal living conditions provided by proper heating equipment and abundant activity space for each individual chicken. They are raised to a prime age of 150 days when the chicken has properly matured. We hope you enjoy the unique and delicate taste of Bresse chicken, served alongside fresh local produce. The two come hand in hand to form harmonious dishes that we can appreciate, in turn enhancing our everlasting relationship with food.